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If your marriage is over, but you want to avoid the anger and bitterness that often accompany a divorce, the collaborative divorce process may be exactly what you need to resolve your disputes cooperatively and get on with your life. The collaborative law process can also save you time and money while giving you greater control of the outcome of your marital dissolution.

At the law offices of Bailey & Galyen, we work closely with men and women who prefer to use the collaborative divorce process to settle issues involving child custody and visitation, child support, alimony or spousal support, and the equitable distribution of marital debts and assets. We bring years of family law experience to clients across Texas, having built our practice on a commitment to personal attention and responsiveness, combined with the highest standards of excellence. The manager of our family law department, Keith Spencer, was certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in 2006.

When you hire us to help you through the collaborative divorce process, we take all the time necessary to learn the details of your situation, as well as your goals and objectives. We will carefully explain the process and your options moving forward, so that you always know where you stand and what to expect.

We offer a free initial consultation to all clients. To schedule an appointment, send us an e-mail or call our office at one of the numbers listed below.

Understanding the Collaborative Law Process

In the collaborative law process, unlike with traditional divorce, both parties agree to try to resolve all differences without the intervention or involvement of the judge or the court. Each party retains counsel and the parties and counsel all work together with the common goal of finding mutually beneficial solutions to all matters involved, from child custody and parenting plans to support issues or property concerns.

It is not uncommon for the parties to agree to bring in outside experts, such as family counselors or CPAs, in the collaborative law process to help identify solutions to custody, visitation, support or property matters.

If the collaborative process is successful, the parties draw up and sign an agreement, which becomes enforceable in court. If, however, the parties cannot come to agreement without a ruling or decision by the court, the process is terminated and each party must hire new counsel to handle any further proceedings.

How Bailey & Galyen Can Help You in a Collaborative Divorce Proceeding

At Bailey & Galyen, our lawyers have extensive experience handling all aspects of family law. We are also skilled negotiators, understanding how to bring parties to mutually beneficial agreements. Though we will always stand strong as advocates for your needs, we know how to make the collaborative process work so that you get the results you need with a minimal amount of stress and anxiety, and with less acrimony and bitterness.

When you hire us to help you through a collaborative divorce proceeding, we will work directly with you at all times, helping you brainstorm to identify ways to get what you need without giving up what you must have. We will help you understand all your choices and will always provide you with experienced counsel when options are on the table. We will work hard to make certain that you make the decisions that are in your best interests.

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